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Chiropractic for Neck Pain

Isanti Doctor of Chiropractic Provides Neck Pain Treatment

Isanti Chiropractor neck pain

Neck pain affects between 33 and 65 percent of people each year and there are a number of causes of neck pain, from sports injuries to car crashes. Fortunately, our Isanti Doctor of Chiropractic provides the neck pain treatment you need.

Causes of Neck Pain

Several conditions can cause neck pain; our chiropractor treats many of these neck conditions. Causes of neck pain include whiplash from a car crash, disc problems, sprains and strains, and even sleeping in the wrong position.

Disc Problems - Discs cushion between each vertebra prevent the bones of the spine from rubbing together or pinching the nerves. In time, the rubbery outside of the discs become brittle and crack, sometimes allowing the gooey substance inside to seep out. Contact with this substance irritates nerves to send signals of neck pain to your brain.

Strains and Sprains - Sprains and strains of your cervical spine, resulting from sports injuries, falls and other trauma, can cause significant neck pain. You should seek chiropractic care if your neck sprains and strains prevent you from turning or moving your head comfortably.

Whiplash - Results from a car crash can cause neck pain. The back-and-forth motion of a rear-end collision can result in debilitating neck pain that lasts for weeks or even months.

Sleeping – Laying down in the wrong position can cause a stiff neck, as can poor posture, repetitive motions, and holding your head in the wrong position.

Misaligned Bones – Vertebrae in the spine can cause neck pain when misalignment occurs at the top, or cervical, part of the spinal column. Misaligned vertebrae can pinch nerves and cause muscle pain. Chiropractic care in the form of an adjustment can realign vertebrae to alleviate neck pain.

Medical Conditions - Conditions such as arthritis can cause neck pain. Spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of the space within the spinal column that pinches the spinal cord and nerves, can also cause neck pain.

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain Treatment

Chiropractic care can ease neck pain and restore movement. Our neck pain specialist has the training, experience, and tools to accurate diagnose the underlying cause of your neck pain. We also provide the neck pain relief you need.

In one recent study, researchers wanted to test the effectiveness of different approaches for treating neck pain. About 57 percent of participants who saw a chiropractor experienced a 75 percent reduction in neck pain, compared with only 38 percent of people who took medication.

Effective chiropractic care starts with a comprehensive evaluation. Our chiropractor will observe your posture, range of motion, and physical condition. The doctor will note movements that cause pain. Our chiropractor will also feel your cervical spine, assess its curve and alignment, and feel for muscle spasms in your neck.

Depending on the cause of your neck pain, treatment may include chiropractic care to restore vertebra to proper alignment, corrective exercises to strengthen muscles, and lifestyle advice to help you avoid neck pain in the future.

Contact Isanti Family Chiropractic Clinic for Neck Pain Relief

If you have neck pain, see our chiropractor for safe, non-invasive treatment. Isanti Family Chiropractic Clinic is conveniently located at Willowbridge 4 Enterprise Ave in Isanti, MN. Make your appointment today by calling (763) 377-2209.

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