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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine From Our Chiropractor in Isanti, MN

At the Isanti Family Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Paul Bergley takes a different approach to medicine than what traditional health care practitioners take. One treatment Dr. Bergley practices is functional medicine. He realizes that medicine deals with more than just relieving the pain and discomfort a patient goes through, it's about finding the root cause of their pain.

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Overview of Functional Medicine

Functional medicine deals with the underlying reasons why a disease occurs rather than treating the condition as a whole and the symptoms associated with it. This form of medicine focuses on the patient and all aspects of the patient's health. Patients get to play an active role in treating their condition and improving their overall health, which far too often doesn't happen in traditional medicine. The entire experience is personalized to the patient.

In functional medicine, our practitioner takes the time with the patient to get an in-depth medical history. Dr. Bergley will evaluate the patient's genetic background as well as environmental factors that can affect the person's health. He will even take into consideration the lifestyle factors that can impact the person's health and how they affect the patient's condition. Our chiropractor, Dr.Bergley, also looks into the future and assesses the patient's risk for chronic disease and assists in preventing any predictable medical issues.  

Conditions Treated by Functional Medicine

Functional medicine has the potential to treat a variety of conditions related to mental health conditions, metabolic disorders, and immune issues.

Diabetes: One of the most common conditions treated by functional medicine is diabetes.

Mental health conditions: Those who have depression or anxiety may benefit because functional medicine treats various aspects of the body that promote a person's overall well-being. 

Memory: People with memory problems may discover they improve their memory. 

Weight problem: Those who have weight problems, even those who have medical problems as a result of their weight, benefit from functional medicine. This medical treatment gets to the root of the weight problem rather than using medications or encouraging the patient to undergo a surgery. Ultimately, this can result in a person getting back to a healthy weight and feeling better overall.

Cardiovascular problems: Vascular problems are a common problem in Americans, and functional medicine allows the person to improve overall health and promote the function of the heart and cardiovascular system as a whole.

Much more: Other conditions that functional medicine treats include immune disorders, digestive disorders, pain and thyroid problems.  

Benefits of Functional Medicine

Functional medicine has many benefits for the patient. First and foremost, the patient gets to feel in charge. The patient gets to play an active role in the healthcare process; therefore, the treatment is oftentimes more effective. In functional medicine, patients aren't given a medication or numerous medications just to help the person live a normal life. Although patients may still require medications, they may need less as a result of the practitioner getting to the root of the problem. The practitioner won't prescribe medications to treat just the symptoms; we help patients make lifestyle changes that improve their condition overall. We provide treatments that even take into consideration the patient's future in order to reduce the person's chances of developing health problems that can occur many years from now. 

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